EMK Vehicle Dynamics, LLC offers custom solutions to your vehicle dynamics needs.  Whether it's a
short-term crisis or a long-term project, EMK could have the knowledge, experience and flexibility to deliver the
results you're looking for.

Consulting -- EMK is open to consulting on a wide range of projects.  If you think EMK could contribute to
your project please send an e-mail to the address below.

Custom solutions -- Need a unique calculation, simulation, seminar, data review or other custom solution?  
EMK can develop the approach you need, emphasizing practical, scientific and efficient methods.

Tire Testing & Modeling -- Are you looking to measure tire force & moment performance or populate a tire
model from measured data?  Perhaps you're new to tire testing/modeling and don't know where to start, or
you're experienced and are looking to offload some of your workload?  Whatever the case, EMK's knowledge
and experience can work for you.

Second opinion -- Not sure where you stand with your current vehicle dynamics solutions?  EMK can review
your tools & results, note strengths and weaknesses, check for errors, note assumptions, define regions of
applicability, paint the "big picture", highlight alternatives and provide an expert opinion.  EMK can help you
understand what you are and aren't getting from your current tools and relationships, or assess a particular

Training, Education & Seminars -- Dr. Kasprzak brings a love of teaching to every lecture, seminar or
presentation.  What do you want to learn more about?

Extended network -- EMK can leverage additional expertise through a network of contacts established over
the last two decades.

EMK Vehicle Dynamics does not currently offer any off-the-shelf products.
Dr. Edward M. Kasprzak
President, EMK Vehicle Dynamics, LLC
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